The notes and sketches on safety and use of flexible hoses  given below are to be noted and followed!

  • Use flexible hoses for their intended use only.
  • Do not allow an electric current to flow through the flexible hoses, do not use as a protective earth (PE) conductor or return conductor.
  • The hose lengths and bending radii must be greater than the respective minimum values specified for a certain bending angle.
  • The flexible hoses may not be used for concealed installation. They must be inspected at appropriate intervals and replaced if safety defects are identified.
  • The flexible hoses can be used at operating temperatures between -5°C and 90°C.
  • Do not apply any compressive, tensile or torsional stresses to the hoses during installation.
  • Do not bend hoses in the immediate vicinity of the connection points.
  • Do not set the flexible hoses in the wall.
  • Make sure the ferrules on 2 flexible hose ends are crimped before installation.
  • Use elbow fittings instead, in order to avoid over-bending.
  • Important: Overtensioning and damages can be caused by using tools. Installation until hand-tight.
  • All valid standards and regulations must be complied with during installation and operation.